Welcome to Good Shepherd Christian Preschool!

We are pleased to have your child be a part of Good Shepherd Church Family. Our purpose is to provide quality Christian care for children in a safe, happy, healthy, and intellectually stimulating environment. We are excited to work with your beautiful children. Our staff of highly qualified dedicated, loving teachers are eager to serve you and your family.

We think nurturing the minds of children is the most honorable and rewarding job. Caring and educating the future is like planting and growing a tree. We hope to let the roots sink in deep and grow tall like a tree planted by streams of water. Someday we believe the children will give back to the world what they have received through their life.

We are so proud to be a part of this mission. We will do our best to create an environment that provides a strong foundation of early childhood years to meet the unique needs of each child by providing a wide variety of both teacher-directed and child-created activities.

We know the Lord will lead us in this exciting and fun journey of early childhood. We look forward to serving and working with you. Thank you!


We believe each child has their own ability to explore and question and learn something on their own way. Children are motivated to learn when they have opportunities to make choices in an environment that is enriching and stimulating. Our curriculum also based on Vygotskian’s view that adults intervene at some point as a facilitator providing enriching activities, like Reggio Emilia approach or the project approach.

At Good Shepherd Christian Preschool we engage as a community in critical thinking and dialogue in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world and each other. Our comprehensive teaching will encourage children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. We promote independence in an organized atmosphere, as it is increasingly important for children to be their own thinkers. We also teach to work well within a group through listening, sharing and cooperation. Also it is our goal to instill within all our students a firm foundation of Christian values. We will work together and do our best to guide children to set a strong foundation of early childhood years.