Art Class
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Art plays an important role in a child’s life when it is introduced at an early age. It enhances a child’s perception, thought process, expression, and appreciation to better himself/herself as they grow up as they learn to express their feelings in a positive manner, which will lead to a happier childhood and an improvement in hand-eye coordination, comprehension, and imaginative development. The goal is to introduce art and have students engage themselves on a daily basis to get familiar with it. Our art teacher takes time to prepare different lessons on art each month. From Picasso to Andy Warhol, our children will be able to experience various types of art and would be able to create their own with different influences.

There are no limitations when it comes to art. The children will be working with different mediums (paint, pencils, crayons, clay, etc.) as well as learning about colors, shapes, perspective, and light and shadow contrast as they learn about different artists and art history. They will be given opportunities to create different types of art with various objects, even random objects that are found all around us.